The Tenth House is a creative space dedicated to holistic brand & website design that is collaborative, strategic, and rooted in the uniqueness of each client.

It's a space for cultivating self-awareness and defining your version of success.

It’s a space to get clear on how you want your business to show up and operate in the world.

It’s a space for translating your energy into aesthetics that connect you with the people you most want to work with and serve. 

It’s a space where you can be guided and supported as you express and expand yourself through your business.


Hi, I'm Steph ─ brand & website designer, and founder / creator of The Tenth House.

The work I do here is motivated by
a desire to facilitate self-awareness, expression, and expansion through
business and entrepreneurship. 

Results are achieved by asking thoughtful and strategic questions, and by drawing on my background in business, art, philosophy, yoga & meditation,  brand & website design, Astrology, and Human Design.

The Designer

For those who are wondering, I have a Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aries Rising in Astrology, and I'm a 3/5 Sacral Manifesting Generator in Human Design.

I also have my Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune all located in the tenth house part of my Astrology birth chart ruled by Capricorn, which may explain why I am so inclined to express myself through my career — and why I have a knack for designing structures that help others do the same.

According to Astrology, the tenth house is the area of our birth chart that represents the way in which we show up in public — our career, our public roles, our image and reputation, our influence on others, and our contribution to society.

And so The Tenth House is a fitting name for this digital space, where you can come to find clarity and support with how you present your business to the public.

The Name

The Aesthetic

I have a fascination with minimalism, clean functional design, and interesting details, so with each project, I apply my skills, my experience, my eye, my heart, and my intuition to create something that is organized, spacious, user-friendly, unique, and intentionally edited — but my goal is for the end result to feel like you.

I'm not here to replicate a specific look over and over again, or to apply a signature style to everything I do. I'm here to help translate the heart, soul, and energy of your business into digital form so that you can connect with more of your right people. To achieve this, I invite you to look beyond trends or industry standards, and use the energetic core of your brand as the foundation for everything we build together.

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Anyone who is kind, open-minded, passionate about their work, and has an appreciation for thoughtful custom design (along with the capacity to be actively involved in their brand and website design process) is welcome at The Tenth House.

For 1:1 collaborations, preference will be given to individuals and business in creative fields and/or those doing social or environmental changework. 

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