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Welcome to The Tenth House. This is a creative space dedicated to holistic brand & website design that is collaborative, strategic, and rooted in the uniqueness of each client.


Quiet the noise
Connect with your self
Find clarity
Design an authentically unique brand Communicate it to the world
Connect with more of the right people
Enjoy your version of success

The brand Clarity Workshop

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translate the heart, soul, and energy of your business into digital form so that you can differentiate your offerings and connect with more of the right people.

Holistic Brand Design

Get professional, easy-to-implement instructions and stragtegy for writing website content that radiates your brand, communicates clearly, and helps you sell your offerings — organized into a beginner-friendly step-by-step workbook.

The Website Writing Workbook

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Custom Website Design

Build a strategic, organized, user-friendly digital home that connects you with new people, radiates your brand energy, tells your story, serves your customers & clients, and sells your offerings.

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Learn how to make better choices for your business, brand, website, and life using your unique Human Design.

The Decision Making Guidebook (free)

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